1933-Trustees Close Crumbaugh Library; Open Tomorrow for Return of Books

1933-Trustees Close Crumbaugh Library; Open Tomorrow for Return of Books

From the LeRoy Journal

February 3, 1933

Trustees Close Crumbaugh Library; Open Tomorrow for Return of Books

Lacks of Funds Given as Reason – Also Closes Spiritualist Church

At a meeting Thursday last week of the trustees of the Crumbaugh Library and Spiritualist church hit was decided to close the library and church indefinitely for lack of funds to pay the running expenses as librarian, pastor, fuel, light and services of a janitor. The only other alternative seems to be that some arrangements may be made whereby only the library may be kept open one day a week by saving the expenses necessary to conduct services at the church and that the services of a librarian may be donated or otherwise provided for. This arrangement of having no services at the church would probably need the assent of the church officials.

The trustees point out that they have just sold about 6,000 bushels of oats at 10 cents per bushel and paid all bills to date, leaving no money in the treasury. They still have 10,000 bushels of corn to sell, which, at the present prices, will pay the $1,400 taxes.

Since the establishment of the library it has become an institution that has exerted a fine influence in the homes of the community. Some 2,000 persons have registered as eligible to receive books and the library has proven a great help to the school children in their work. It has been a special privilege to many who are unable to buy books and periodicals. It has been cherished as a valuable contribution to the community and its closing will be very unfortunate. It is hoped that soon arrangements will be made so that the library doors will swing open again for at least one day in the week.

February 4 and 11 the library will be open to receive books, but none will be given out. If for some reason it is impossible to bring the books on either of those dates, take them to the home of Mrs. Nellie Smith, as soon as possible. Persons owing fines on books should return the books whether they can pay the fine or not. It is the rule of the library that unless books are returned, no other books can be withdrawn until losses have been made good.

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